Our Customers

mahavitaran Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.
(A Govt. of Maharashtra Undertaking)
“For our TDS returns, we have successfully implemented TDSMAN in 196 of our offices across Maharashtra since September 2014.

We place on record our appreciation to your team for such easy and friendly software. We could successfully implement it even at remote places in Maharashtra. Further, it is commendable that your system is updating the software and providing help over the phone when needed. You have proved that physical distance is not a concern anymore.

The system of PAN verification and default prediction is very helpful to avoid errors and timely filing of TDS returns.

We look forward to a long association with you and hope that you will maintain the standards that you have set.”
shinhan Shinhan Bank
“We have installed & successfully implemented your TDSMAN software for preparing TDS returns. It is also being used for making TDS Correction Statements for rectification of any error. We are satisfied with the software and the prompt after-sales support. Handling large volumes of data quickly and efficiently is a highlight of your product.”

TDSMAN Software is highly user-friendly, provides ease of use and it’s in-built features like Bulk Pan Verification, PAN Name Extraction & Default Prediction are extremely valuable.

Santosh Singh
Om Nath Mehra & Associates

TDSMAN is a very convenient & user-friendly software. Its unique tools like Auto Tax Calculation and Default Prediction are extremely useful.

Tribhovanbhai D. Patel
Aakar Construction

TDSMAN Software is extremely convenient to use. We have been able to undertake all the improvisations without any intervention or suggestions from our users.

Behram N. Shroff
Jayakar & Partners

I am extremely satisfied with ChequeMan. I would recommend this software to all my co-workers. Excellent after sales support is provided. Keep up the good work.

Balakrishnama Naidu
Vinolya Services Pvt Ltd

With TDSMAN Online I have never faced any problem. Very good and easy to use software. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Sunil Joshi

Really great experience with TDSMAN Online, it has saved a lot of my time and my money.

Ram Prasath
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