Partnership Ecosystem


Distribution & Reselling

Our products - TDSMAN & ChequeMan - are market leaders in their respective segments. We invite partner companies for distribution and/or reselling across India.


Affiliate Online Marketing

TDSMAN & ChequeMan are both promoted and sold through various online platforms. If you can help us reach larger potential market segments online, we can explore a partnership based on revenue sharing models.

Private Branding

We invite organizations interested in recasting our products into distinct private products of their own. These may be marketed in competition to our product lines. Further, for ChequeMan, we invite international companies to jointly work with us in re-engineering the software for addressing requirements that are country specific.


Jointly Develop a Software Product with Us

If you have domain expertise with conceptualization or a blueprint of any software that has market potential, we can work together in strategizing, developing and marketing the product.

Creating a Product from Existing Software

If you have existing software that can be re-engineered as ready-to-use, we can assist you.

Product Development as an Outsourced Service

We can provide our skills, expertise and resources to develop a software product for you as an outsourced service.