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Smart & Easy Software for TDS / TCS Returns
One of India’s most trusted software for preparation of TDS & TCS returns in compliance with the system defined by the Income Tax Department.
  • Covers Salary & Non-Salary TDS as well as TCS Returns
  • Supports Regular & Correction Returns
  • Performs PAN Verification
  • Performs default analysis to eliminate errors
  • Provides online software updates
With more than 100,000 returns being prepared every quarter, users span across several industries, service sectors, SMEs, government & public sector. Several offices of CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes, India) are using TDSMAN for their own TDS compliance.


Manage the TDS Ecosystem across your Business
EnterpriseTDS is a unified platform to handle the TDS compliances across your business. It is a cloud based solution for clients with multiple user requirements and multiple offices/branches. It aims at easing the process of filing TDS returns online, ensuring efficient monitoring systems.
  • Integrated Platform for TDS / TCS Returns
  • Monitors Across multiple Users / Branches / TANs
  • Default / Error Management
  • Delivery in a smart e-format
  • High Speed Import & Large Data Support
  • TRACES Integration
EnterpriseTDS helps you with your TDS compliances, so you can focus on business growth.


Cloud Platform for CAs & Professionals to deliver TDS Compliance Services
CA-TDSMAN is an online software for TDS / TCS compliances. It is designed for professionals to collaborate with clients in real-time for better transparency and efficiency. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that help in streamlining the process and make it less prone to errors. With 24x7 access, CA-TDSMAN ensures a true multi-location, multi-user environment. It helps you stay ahead in meeting the ever-changing client aspirations.
  • Pro-Active Features for Better Client Collaboration
  • 24x7 Information Access to Clients for Viewing Past Filed Records
  • Comprehensive Software for end-to-end TDS / TCS Compliance
  • Enhance overall Productivity by at least 75%


Monthly TDS Calculator based on Salary
Employers can use SalaryTDS to easily determine the monthly tax (TDS) to be deducted from each employee based on their projected income.
  • Helps determine TDS on monthly salary of employees
  • Computation based on projected Form 16
  • Quick and easy import & export of data (CSV / Excel)
  • All statutory provisions kept up to date
  • Supports multiple TANs
  • Handles large employee base
12,000+ Satisfied Users
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Prepare TDS Returns on the Cloud
‘TDSMAN Online’ is a cloud-based platform for preparing TDS / TCS Returns and its associated compliances. One needs to simply sign-up online and is all set to get started. There is no need to buy any software, just pay as per usage.
  • Covers salary & non-salary TDS as well as TCS returns
  • Software & data are stored on cloud
  • No installation required, always updated
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • No investment, pay as you use
  • Sign-up and get going in less five minutes
Trusted by over 12,000 users, TDSMAN Online’s simplicity during on-boarding and getting started, probably makes it stand apart.

15,000+ Satisfied Users
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Easy Software for Cheque Printing
Instead of writing cheques by hand, ChequeMan helps you print cheques directly on the standard cheque leaves provided by banks on any standard office laser or inkjet printer.
  • Print quick, smart, error-free cheques
  • Use normal cheque leaves provided by banks
  • No smudges, no overwriting
  • Bulk printing through Excel import
  • Pre-formatted library of cheques
  • Maintains log of all cheques issued
The printed cheques are smart looking and most importantly, very efficient. With advanced data recording for all transactions, cheque management across multiple bank accounts and their multiple account holders is highly simplified.

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